Joining our mug club is the ultimate way to become a part of our brewing community and to show your support for our craft. As a member, you'll have exclusive access to a variety of perks that will enhance your experience with us. Whether you're a beer enthusiast or just love a good brew, our mug club is the perfect way to connect with fellow beer lovers and to savor the unique flavors of our hand-crafted beers.

Mug Club costs $100 for the year. You receive 10% off of our beers for the year. Also, we will be throwing an end of the year party for all mug club members!

Want to reserve your mug for mug club? Enter your information below to sign-up. Next time you stop in, give us your name and email and we will take payment and let you pick out your mug. The mug stays at the brewery so we can make sure its clean and so you get to use it every time you come in. The mugs are larger than our normal 16oz glasses so you even get more beer!

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